Adonx-a new exchange Era review

What is Adonx.One?

Adonx.One the Payment System for new digital Economy.

To provide simple, fast, innovative, state of the art, secured yet powerful crypto exchange, escrow & payments platform.

Most of the crypto startups and small traders are suffering from high listing fee and trading fee. Adonx platform aimed to list all eligible projects with very low listing fee and provide near zero frading fee experience to traders.

Adonx.One Featurs

“Making trade and crypto commerce unconditional and better for everyone by providing an exceptional platform to consumers and businesses, Makes it universally, easy, accessible, and useful.”

1. Multi-Layered Security

Adonx backend is built on a multi-tier application architecture, and all requests will always flow through multiple secure layers in order to fulfil the request. Adonx platform has been architected carefully to mitigate/minimize security issues and vulnerabilities in different stages, some of them but not limited to transport level, application level and storage level security issues.

“Secured Sockets Layer is always enforced when and wherever applicable in the transport layer. Data encryption/decryption is always enforced in several layers where ever applicable. Adonx platform by default supports following user-level security”:

• Strong password
• 2 Factor authentication
• PIN-based authorization
• OTP based authorization (through E-Mail, SMS & 2FA apps)

Most of the endpoints are being protected by second-level authorization. Configuration options are available per feature in their account settings page.
All security layers will be monitored, analyzed, and audited on a regular basis, patches and updates will be updated whenever required

2. Multi Crypto Wallets

Different blockchains have different wallets, every user will be facilitated with unique wallet address per blockchain, some of them can be rotatable ( i.e., user will get a new address every time they receive a deposit, this option may or may not available depending other features user enable or blockchain type) an option is available in their settings page. 

Crypto Wallet Address #

Crypto wallet address comprising a string of alphanumeric characters, these addresses are generated on a blockchain using a set of private and public cryptographic keys. The length of the address may vary on underlaying blockchain technology and it’s hard to remember because of its randomness and length. Example of bitcoin address as illustrated bellow


Vanity address #

A vanity address is a personalized crypto wallet address on the blockchain, these types of address may be useful for business users on B2B, B2C type of business, an example of bitcoin vanity address as illustrated bellow


The complexity of generating of a vanity address depending on its pattern and certain criteria and sometimes it may take a lot of time to generate such address depending on its complexity. Adonx planned to support such vanity addresses on supported blockchains. The applicable fee will be charged depending on its complexity and time to generate.

“Caution: Vanity addresses can make it possible for anyone to create an address that resembles another vanity address. They are not special or provide any kind of additional security or any features, they are just like other address on blockchain except they personalized”.

3. Account Alias

Adonx platform provides unique aliasing system to it easy for users to deposit from anywhere anytime without logging into an actual user account. User will have an option to set up alias name for their account, these aliases will provide access to get their deposit address for different wallets. A typical account alias will look like as below[email protected]

Anyone can see the address of a wallet if they know alias of a user on Adonx platform. To secure this behavior a layer of security is added with OTP/2FA, so the user needs to provide expirable OTP/2FA code to third party along with alias to see the address of the wallet. Alias security is configurable, you can make it private with OTP/2FA/PIN security or altogether you can make them public. It’s up to user decision. This feature will enable users to make quick deposits to their wallet from anywhere anytime without signing into their account.

4. Atomic Swap

An atomic swap is a process of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another without having much work involved. Usually, coin/token owners perform this task when their existing blockchain/code/protocol is deprecated, and they want to introduce a new blockchain or with a new protocol. It will be a massive work for them to collect all deprecated coins/tokens from their users and send new coins/tokens as a replacement. Adonx solves this with atomic swap feature, coin/token owners initiate swap of all old wallets with old coins with new wallets with new coins without additional complexity or calculations.

5. Airdrops

An airdrop is a distribution of crypto coins/tokens to massive wallet addresses, usually for free. Airdrops are used to gain attention and new followers to increase the user base. Adonx platform support airdrop feature. Coins/token owners, enthusiasts and promoters can perform this kind of complex airdrop without any additional complexity.

6. Exchange Services

With the highly scalable matching engine, it can withstand high load and can process millions of orders per minute.

Market Order vs Limit Order

To provide better satisfaction of your needs you can use a market order to buy or sell a coin/token at the available price ensuring its executed immediately. Or you can use a limit order which allows you to set the price at which you want to buy or sell desired coin/token so that it will only be fulfilled when the price crosses the specified price value.

1. Escrow Services

An escrow is an agreement where a third party controls the payments between two transacting parties and only releases the funds involved when all of the terms of the given contract are met. Adonx platform provides a smart contract for performing these escrow operations without having to involve a third party. Being decentralized and being operated on a blockchain it will protect buyer and sellers’ assets until both parties have met their requirements of the agreement. 

2. Multilingual Support

Platform & all its clients will be available in different languages; Initial release will be available only in English. Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and other language support will be provided during the future rollout of software updates depending on features scheduled and priority.

3. Exchange Pairs

Adonx will support following trading pairs initially, which include but not limited to

New pairs will be added as and when possible depending on feasibility.

4. Listing a Coin/Token & Fee

There are 3 Listing types available. All listing types provide at least 3 trading pairs by default. All projects to be listed on Adonx platform are subject to meet certain minimum requirement criteria, which will be updated in Terms of services and criteria part of the listing form.

5. Software & Coverage

Adonx client software will be cross-platform compatible and will be available for following devices/platforms.

● Web-based client for browsers (mobile friendly)

● Desktop client for Windows, Linux and MacOS

● Android mobile devices as a native application

● iOS mobile devices as a native application

Consumable Rest API for developers & partners  

6. Developer API

Once Adonx platform is stable a consumable REST API will be available for developers and partners to extend, implement their own functionality, features and application based on Adonx platform. A well-documented and formatted guide will be available on usage of these APIs. Developer API is protected by API Key, developers & partners are needed to generate one before consuming these endpoints. This will virtually make endless options available to customize and implement their own applications and use cases. 

Adonx ECO System and Token

ADONX is ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain, exactly 21M tokens will be minted, more than 80% of unsold tokens from the sale will be burned in each stage. Remaining tokens will be utilized towards airdrops & bounties. ADONX Token will be used as payments method for different services available on Adonx eco system, or where ever applicable

Smart Contract Address:


All interested parties on Adonx Pre-Sale must have their own ETH wallet, wallets from an exchange or custodial wallets ( like are not valid.

You must have a wallet to which you have access to a respective private key or mnemonic words, as this is the only way you will be able to access the purchased Adonx tokens.

Early investors on ADONX Token Pre-Sale can send ETH to 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42 starting from 20th February. The price are 1 ETH = 5000 ADONX (50% bonus included) and for this stage there is 550000 ADONX tokens allocated.

How to purchase ADONX tokens:

Go to the website

Follow the instructions on the website to connect your wallet and complete the transaction

**Use Token calculator to know the total amount of tokens you will get.

Preferred Wallets:

● Myetherwallet

● Metamask

● Trustwallet

Please note- When you are using myetherwallet, metamask or trustwallet please use the following instructions:

● From address # Your connected wallet account address ( automatic )

● To Address # 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42

● Amount # Your desired value in ETH (Minimum 0.1ETH)

● Gas Price # Average speed value

● Gas Limit # 200 000

Your wallet ( from where you sent ETH ) will be getting ADONX of the desired transaction amount.

To view the tokens purchased in a wallet like metamask you should add custom tokens to the tokens list with the token address- #0x1aa11f0feafb5db797764916f0d67a4fe8132985 [Not Send ETH to this Address will be lost forever]

when you enter the above address, it will automatically resolve the below values:

● Token Symbol: ADONX

● Decimals of Precision: 18


Great Team to drive forward

Follow further instructions in your wallet to view the tokens.





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