Boom Crypto Market (BCM ) review

What is Boom Crypto Market (BCM ) 

Boom Crypto Market is a platform that allows both service providers and buyers to execute business transactions via and escrow system, an AMM tracking platform for cryptocurrency asset analysis with an IDO platform powered by a native token BCM. The project is aimed at bringing more transparency, trust and decentralization to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Boom Crypto Market is a fast rising Defi project, with a professional marketplace and cryptocurrency asset listing and IDO platform powered by a native token BCM. The project is aimed at bringing absolute transparency, trust and decentralization to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a professional platform that bears trust through a smart contract that allows both services providers and buyers to execute contracts without trust issues.

The team came up with the idea of bringing transparency to the cryptocurrency space, to encourage more people to come into the blockchain industry knowing that they can transact in the space not having to worry about who to trust. The idea is highly driven by the need to rid the cryptoverse of scams, rug pulls, frauds and bad actors generally.

Any realistic cryptocurrency CEO, user, investor, trader, or ardent observer who has been in the system for a while can attest to the fact that the cryptocurrency space needs some sanity in terms of transparency. Most of the information out there is just a mirage, and most investors are not techsavvy while most do not know how to verify information on the blockchain. But with the launch of the cryptocurrency markets projects, a holistic approach to transparency in the blockchain industry will be at the tip of the fingers of the community. The team is poised to deliver a world class product that will serve the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with a niche to beat already existing professional platforms that do not have smart contracts that escrows contracts between service providers and buyers.

Boom Crypto Market will be a gathering platform for Professionals from all walks of life that would gladly depend on the trust provided on the platform to conduct safe procurements with no need to worry about the character of the other party

Boom Crypto Market Features

Buy & Sell Services: Users can find procurement buyers who need services, and procurement buyers can also find competent professionals to undetake jobs remotely.

Currency Swap: Easily swap cryptocurrency to fiat or fiat to cryptocurrency

Staking: Earn passively through the staking services offered on the platform

Trust: Freelancers don’t have to worry about payments and procurement buyers do not have to worry about uncompleted or unsatisfactory jobs.

Currency Watch: Users can favourite Defi or other cryptocurrency assets to watch price actions.

Transparency: Users can find holistic information on any cryptocurrency asset all on one platform.

The project Ideology

Boom Crypto Market is a decentralized platform that is aimed at bringing transparency to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, also providing users, traders, investors, and institutions with adequate information for a better-informed decision.

Boom Crypto Market is aimed at reducing the hassles of roaming on several platforms before retrieving specific information; the platform will concentrate on centralizing information on a decentralized platform which will in turn save both time and money.

The idea is to maximally eliminate scams from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and bestow trust from the unbanked population of the world, the freelance sector, and the remote service providers and buyers. Boom Crypto Market will provide the following Defi services;

A Decentralized Staking Platform

  • Boom Crypto Market will provide staking functionalities, which will enable users who stake BCM token on the platform to earn several cryptocurrency assets including BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrencies will be included over time
  • Earnings on other cryptocurrencies will be proportional to BCM token holdings calculated on the platform based on internal formula which will be disclosed to the community once the launched quarter approaches, BCM token will be immediately listed on Pancakeswap.

A Decentralized Marketplace

  • Boom Crypto Market platform will provide a decentralized service providing platform for buyers and sellers of goods to interact without any interference from a third party. In the last couple of years, the global village has expanded and service providers have found the need to work online and remotely more than before and the pandemic which has introduced a new era has made remote services very essential
  • The obstacle has always been the issue of trust between the parties involved and this has limited the corporate world to a great extent, especially the blockchain industry. For example, a project wants to list an asset on a P2P trading exchange but can hardly reach out to the right authorities in charge of offering this service, or a project is in need of promotional services and reaches out to a company to deliver the services and they eventually fall into the hands of fraudsters, make payments to these fraudsters and lose their funds in the process
  • The Boom Crypto Market platform will ensure that no service is being paid for without proof from both parties involved provided on the platform to show completion of contract. The platform will
    automatically provide a contract receipt as proof of an ongoing or pending transaction; this can be used as voucher by either the service provider or customer as evidence of transaction
  • One of the benefits of this marketplace will be helping start-ups to quickly locate and interact with industry leaders and experts while service buyers get the best professionals working for them, placing the responsibility of identity verification on the Boom Crypto Market platform and a smooth contract settlement on our smart contract.


Cryptocurrency Asset Listing Platform

  • One of the problems encountered in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is the lack of accurate information, there seems to be a lot of manipulations going on in so many quarters. The Boom Crypto Market platform will have features like trade history, order book, and daily and total generated volume, current trading volume, active trading platforms, and so much more for each listed token or P2P trading exchange
  • With these features available on the Boom Crypto Market platform, there will be no need to roam around trying to search out information about any asset.
  • This will be a platform where all available information about any asset or project will be made available on one platform; it will also be an avenue for projects to create trust between them and their community and also attract investors based on trust.

Cryptocurrency assets and exchange listing

As the name implies, the Boom Crypto Market platform will list available, credible, and active cryptocurrency projects, exchanges, professionals, and companies on the platform for proper tracking. There will be strict criteria for listing any project, asset, exchange, professional, or company. The process will begin with an application to the appropriate channel for verifications and provision of every other requirement needed by the team.


As a platform that provides a marketplace to help service providers supply services to customers on trust while also helping service buyers to get the service providers, BCM token which is the base token powering the Boom Crypto Market platform will be used for fee payments for all transactions carried out on the platform.

Buyers and sellers of services can decide to pay or receive payments in BUSD, BNB or BCM. Transaction fee will be paid in BCM, BNB, BUSD depending on what the user chooses. These fees will be used as rewards on the staking platform and for liquidity providers

BCM token can also be used for payment for services offered on the marketplace; for example professional adverts, project adverts, promotions and any other value added services offered on the

Other cryptocurrencies like BUSD, BNB and are currently being integrated including fiats will be available for deposit and swap against BCM on the platform to be used for transactions and processing fees.

Boom Crypto Market TOKENOMICS

Total Supply – 100,000BCM
Private sale HardCap – 50,000BUSD
Public sale HardCap – 375,000BUSD

Private sale – 5,000BCM @ $10 per token = (HardCap – 50,000BUSD)
Public sale – 25,000BCM @ $15 per token = (
HardCap – 375,000BUSD)
Contract address – 0x26caba196478b2eef1ed5009c675c4243bb6d547
Total HardCap – 425,000BUSD

Boom Crypto Market is a 100% Defi project with 65% of total supply of 100,000BCM tokens up for presale; the project team has decided that there will be a burn of unsold tokens immediately after the presale while the team tokens remains locked for six months.

The team plans to have BCM token on top tier exchanges as soon as the presales are over. New exchange listings apart from PancakeSwap and other listings will be announced to the community as negotiation brokering is perfected.

Boom Crypto Market ROADMAP

  • 2021: Q1 Token Minting & Team Formation
  • 2021: Q2 Launch of Listing Platform

  • 2021: Q2 Launch of Marketplace

  • 2021: Q2 Fiat Deposit & Swap

  • 2021: Q2 Partnership & Listing on Exchanges

  • 2021: Q2 Launch of Staking Platform

  • 2021: Q3 Staking rewards with more crypto assets

  • 2021: Q4 Launch of Mobile App









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